Staff Picks: Art of Tea’s Favorite Teas

The Art of Tea tea’m is passionate about tea. We hand-blend and hand-pack orders, so we’re constantly surrounded by the powerfully pleasant aromas of tea. Working at Art of Tea provides an opportunity to try every tea available. We participate in tea trainings and enjoy a different Tea of the Day every day. Collectively, we’ve tried every tea we carry, so which ones do we think taste best?



Shamir, Vice President of Operations

Years at Art of Tea: 8 Years
Favorite Tea: Iron Goddess of Mercy
Why?: Iron Goddess of Mercy is the best Ti Kaun Yin in the World! 
Extra Tidbit: Wondering how Iron Goddess of Mercy got its name? Read that story, and more, in our collection of tea origin tales! 

Honey, Wholesale Customer Service

Years at Art of Tea: 10 Months
Favorite Tea: Green Kukicha
Why?: The gentle taste of sweet and grassy helps me decompress after a long day. A bit of sereni(tea) in a cup! 

Tyler, Sales Consultant

Years at Art of Tea: 1o Years
Favorite Tea: Golden Monkey
Why?: Simply called “monkey” at our house, my wife and I enjoy a pot almost every day. It is really more like a handpicked, bud only, white tea that has been 100% oxidized. We find it great when prepared cooler and faster (180 degrees, 2 minutes). This makes it less tannic and brings out a deliciously creamy, malty palate with walnut and cashew nuttiness. Plenty of flavor remaining for a second steeping and even good if the pot goes cold. 

Evan, Account Manager

Years at Art of Tea: One Year
Favorite Tea: Naked Pu-erh
Why?: Pu-erh was my grandfather’s favorite tea, and I love the earthy flavor.
Extra Tidbit: New to Pu-erh? We have a comprehensive guide on the fermented tea.

Chelsea, Sales Consultant 

Years at Art of Tea: 2 Years 
Favorite Tea: Ethos
Why?: It’s a Perfect blend of all the best caffeine-free tisanes. Floral and honey sweet with a minty finish. 

Suzanna, Marketing Project Manager

Years at Art of Tea: 8 Months
Favorite Tea: Tuscany
Why?: I like white tea and I like floral tea. Tuscany is both of those things combined. YAY Tuscany!
Extra Tidbit: Tuscany is part of our new Location Collection. You can learn more about the Location Collection, and the rest of our collections, in our introductory blog post.
Every staffer at Art of Tea has different tastes, so our list of favorites is pretty eclectic! Try our favorites and you might find one you love, too!

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